ARTIS opens the Groote Museum: bring the ‘Oostzaal’ to life!

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On 12 May, ARTIS will open an entirely new museum, the Groote Museum, on the freely accessible Artisplein. The Groote Museum is housed in the oldest museum building in Amsterdam (1855). The museum will let you experience the connection between all living things: humans, animals, plants and microbes. To put on a challenging program in the ‘Oostzaal’ of the Groote Museum, we need your help!

The ‘Oostzaal’: a meeting point for everyone

The museum consists of two rooms: the Oostzaal and the Westzaal. The rooms are divided into 14 interlocking zones. One of the zones is a meeting area that will play host to activities for all ages – also for you! They will take the form of brief events, such as a mini lecture, a meditation or an experiment. These are called ‘gatherings’. This is where we join with visitors to explore the world around us.


Although renovation of the Oostzaal has been completed, it is lacking those essential final touches that would make it an exciting place to visit for everyone: practical matters such as voting machines for debates, a high-spec beamer, an application, talk show decor and headphones for a silent disco, but also programmes with speakers that you would not want to miss. You can help us by contributing to this crowdfunding campaign, through which we hope to raise €50,000 to revive ARTIS’ educational function at the Groote Museum for all our visitors!

What is the Groote Museum?

It will take you on a personal journey all around the museum. Taste the future, test your emotions and discover new things, such as what links your intestines to a carrot and a worm. Animations, installations, works of art, films and stories will hold a mirror up to you, confront you with questions and make you see things from a different perspective.

The Oostzaal programme will consist of a number of recurring items, such as daily gatherings, but no two days, weeks or months will be the same. It will be tailored to current events and the target audience. Events might include an evening lecture by primatologist Frans de Waal about gender and sexual differences in humans and animals or a weekend gathering of children to record the children’s philosophy podcast ‘Big little question time’.

Will you help to bring the Oostzaal at the ARTIS Groote Museum back to life? Donate now and take your pick from a choice of unique perks, such as an exclusive tour through the museum by Karlien Pijnenborg (Head of the Groote Museum).

Thank you very much in advance!



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€100 Donate Recommended Be among the first to see a film in the East Room - Thank you so much for contributing to the Groote Museum! Donating this amount entitles you to two tickets to the first film night in the Groote Museum’s East Room. Date TBC. 23 donors 17 available €15 Donate Thank you! - Thank you for your contribution! We will send you an email with a personal message from Karlien Pijnenborg (director of the Groote Museum). 34 donors €35 Donate Chance to win an ARTIS membership - By donating this amount, you are in with a chance to win an ARTIS membership worth €97. The membership grants access to ARTIS Royal Zoo, the Groote Museum and Micropia for a full year. There are five memberships up for grabs! 21 donors €70 Donate Who will you take to the Groote Museum? - To thank you for your support, you will receive two entry tickets to the Groote Museum. 10 donors €150 Donate Will you visit the Great Thinkers? - Thank you so much! Donating this amount entitles you to two tickets to the evening programme ‘Great Thinkers’ in the Groote Museum’s East Room. Date TBC. 7 donors 33 available €750 Donate Exclusive dinner for two in the East Room - If you donate this amount, we will open the East Room especially for you for a dinner overlooking ARTIS. Invite a loved one, friend or family member to join you for a dinner for two. The dinner takes place on 6 July 2022, and is fully offered to you by Vermaat. 4 donors No longer available €1.500 Donate Exclusive tour guided by Karlien Pijnenborg (director of the Groote Museum) - To thank you for your donation, we will host a group tour for your entire team, group of friends or family. Karlien Pijnenborg (director of the Groote Museum) will take you and nine guests on an exclusive guided tour of the Groote Museum. 3 available €2.250 Donate Overnight stay in the Welgelegen Residence with entry to ARTIS and the Groote Museum - Stroll under the trees, enjoy the heritage, travel to the stars and spend the night in a characteristic 18th-century house in the heart of Amsterdam. This donation entitles you to an overnight stay for six in the Welgelegen Residence with entry to ARTIS and the Groote Museum. 3 available €8.500 Donate Organise an event in the historic Tiger and Kings Reception Rooms - With their large windows and doors that open onto the Artisplein, these historic reception rooms are ideally suited to conferences, meetings, presentations and dinners. To thank you for your generous donation, we will turn over the Tiger and Kings Reception Rooms entirely to you (catering not included). 1 available Other Amount Other  - I want to choose my own amount
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Bijna op de 50%!

19-05-2022 | 17:05 Lieve donateurs,    Goed nieuws! Het Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Noord-Holland heeft bijgedragen aan onze campagne. Door hun bijdrage zijn we nog een stapje dichterbij de 50%, maar we zijn er nog lang niet: we willen natuurlijk naar de 100%! Ken jij iemand die ARTIS ook een warm hart toedraagt, die natuureducatie hoog in het vaandel heeft staan of die cultuur toegankelijk wil maken voor iedereen, of die gewoon héél benieuwd is naar het Groote Museum? Deel onze campagne met hen en breng samen de Oostzaal tot leven! Want zeg nou zelf: samen mogelijk maken, is nóg leuker, toch? Delen kan heel makkelijk  via een Whatsapp berichtje.   Plantenblindheid Op 22 mei organiseren we de allereerste pilot in de Oostzaal: Plantenblindheid. Samen met Thijs Biersteker en botanisch filosoof Norbert Peeters onderzoek je hoe we van onze collectieve plantenblindheid af kunnen komen. Want waarom heeft iedereen wel een lievelingsdier, maar geen lievelingsplant? Terwijl wij niet zoveel verschillen van planten.    Spread the word!  Dit soort uitdagende programma’s willen we nog toegankelijker maken voor ons publiek, maar daar hebben we echt méér materiaal voor nodig. Koptelefoons, een beamer, stemkastjes, talkshowdecor, een applicatie… Jouw hulp is onmisbaar om dit voor elkaar te krijgen, en een volwaardige, levendige Oostzaal te creëren!  Wil je deze campagne delen met je vrienden?    Samen brengen we de Oostzaal tot leven! Heel erg bedankt!    Hartelijke groet,  Iedereen bij ARTIS en het Groote Museum
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